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Body Contouring Treatment Expert Melissa Zavaglia Returns to IWAS

Cedar Park, TX- We are proud to announce the return of Body Contouring and Aesthetics Clinician as well as a Wellness Coordinator, Melissa Zavaglia to the organization. From this role, she will be helping patients achieve their ideal results with body contouring, skin tightening, cellulite reduction, and skin health treatments and ensure they remain on track in their overall goals.With the latest technology available, patients now have the option of body contouring treatments without having to undergo extensive and sometimes painful surgery. These treatments can be completed through non-invasive techniques including procedures that harness radio frequency, ultrasound, and acoustic wave energy to eliminate fat cells, tighten skin, and reduce the appearance of cellulite. It’s critical to work with an expert who is knowledgeable with the latest treatment options, so IWAS is glad to have an expert such as Melissa on the team.

“I am honored to be coming back to IWAS as a Body Contouring and Aesthetics Clinician and Wellness Coordinatorâ€, says Melissa Zavaglia. “Helping people transform their bodies and gain confidence through weight management and aesthetic procedures is my passion and priorityâ€.

Melissa has spent the past year pursuing her love of education as a Clinical Educator for some of the best aesthetic technology available – specializing in BTL Aesthetics. She is one of only five certified BTL Clinical Trainers across the country and travels across the U.S., disseminating her immense knowledge on debulking and sculpting the body.

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