Skin Tightening

Jenn’s Guide to the Latest Skin Tightening Treatments: SkinPen Microneedling

Do you wish there were a laser free way to resurface the skin? Thankfully there is, and it’s called microneedling! It’s one of the more recent popular skin tightening treatments in this country, but has helped patients throughout Europe for many years. The basic idea behind microneedling is to stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin using the body’s own amazing ability to heal itself.

Using the Body’s Natural Processes in Skin Care

Each of our bodies has a natural healing system that allow repair of injury by stimulating collagen and elastin. Microneedling initiates this response by creating many fractionated microinjuries or wounds with tiny needles down in the dermis. Through the healing process, the skin naturally rejuvenates itself. The benefits of microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, are numerous, and include the softening of fine lines and wrinkles, decreased pore size, lightening of hyperpigmentation such as sun damage and melasma, improved tone and texture, improved appearance of stretch marks, and overall anti-aging. It is appropriate for all skin types and colors since there is no heat involved. The procedure itself is a gentler therapy than other skin tightening treatments such as laser procedures and deep peels.

Discover the Lasting Beauty Benefits of SkinPen®

Our device, SkinPen®, is FDA-approved. It is the size of a pen and oscillates a sterile tip with several little needles on it quickly so hundreds of micro-injuries are delivered per second. What you can expect during the treatment is a slight prickling feeling like sandpaper is being rubbed on your skin. Numbing gel is applied prior so there is minimal discomfort and a hyaluronic gel is used during the procedure for optimal glide of the device and effective hydration.

After the procedure, your skin will be red like a mild sunburn and may feel warm. Healing time is between 3 and 5 days. Downtime is minimal and make-up can be applied after 24 hours. This is a great summertime treatment since there is less sun sensitivity as compared to many other anti-aging procedures. It is recommended that skin tightening treatments with the SkinPen® take place in a series of 3 to 6 depending on your skincare goals and needs. Treatments are spaced 4 weeks apart. Since it is a progressive treatment, it takes time to see the results. There will be an immediate glow but you will begin to see and experience the results as soon as 4 weeks into the post treatment process. However, optimal results are usually seen at the 4 to 6 months’ post procedure stage.

Are you ready to invest in your skin and make your own collagen faster than your skin is breaking it down? Skin tightening treatments using the SkinPen® microneedling process are the answer!

This piece was crafted by Jenn, a skin care specialist. Jenn is known for her communication skills, her professionalism, and her ability to offer customized treatments designed specifically for the patient and their skin-type.