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Weight Management Tips While Working from Home and Weight Maintenance Supplements.

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Working from home has its perks. But it also has its own set of unique distractions – and many of those distractions are in the kitchen. Need to start a new project? Why not start first with a little brain food? Have to power through a last-minute deadline? Why not reward yourself with a snack when finished? From yesterday’s leftovers to tomorrow’s dinner plans, being in close proximity to your favorite comfort foods can make it hard to eat healthy while working from home. But don’t worry. If you’re looking for some inspiration to help with working from home temptations, we have you covered. Here are some straightforward weight management tips while working from home.

Don’t Work Close to the Kitchen

The first step is to stay away from temptation. Set up your home office in a bedroom, living room, or even the basement – essentially any room that’s far from the kitchen or pantry. It especially helps to not have your refrigerator in your line of sight so you can avoid mindlessly wandering over during down time.

Be strategic and avoid the kitchen when you can. For example, bring your coffee pot and some snacks to your workplace. That way you won’t feel tempted to go to the kitchen every time you want a quick break.

Eat on a Schedule

Just like you would on a regular workday at the office, eat your meals on a schedule. Start the day off with a big breakfast. A hearty, healthy breakfast fills you up, keeps you satisfied, and helps hold off cravings later in the day. Include foods that are high in lean protein and fiber to help fill you up.

The same goes for lunch – take lunch during a set time each day. Treat it as you would if you were at the office. If you had a set time for breaks at work, then set that same time each day for a break at home. By sticking to a regular routine, you can help avoid mindless grazing throughout the day.

Portion and Plan Out Meals

Another simple step to avoid snacking during the day while working from home is meal prep. It’s easier to stick to a healthy diet when you pre-plan the portions of each meal. Planning healthy portions helps avoid spontaneous temptations and controls your choices so you don’t overdo it. If you’re looking for healthy recipe inspiration, then check out these quick and delicious protein shake recipes.

Also, when snacking, portion out your snacks. Never eat directly from the bag or package, because it usually results in eating more than you intended – or wanted.

Supplements to Help with Weight Management

In addition to a healthy diet, several nutritional supplements can help with weight management, especially when you’re working from home and surrounded by temptation.ways to supplement your diet with Thorne’s Weight Management Bundle.

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Increase Hydration

Staying hydrated is another simple weight management strategy that can be easy to forget. But just as you would fill up your water bottle at the office, keep a water bottle next to your at-home workstation to remind you to drink water often.

Avoid sugary or highly caffeinated options, because they’re likely to cause you to crash and crave more sugary snacks later in the day.

Stay Active

It doesn’t matter whether you work from home or the office – it’s no secret that staying active and moving often does more for weight management than being stationary.

Slip in ways to stay active throughout the workday – even set alarms on your phone to remind you. Be sure to get up and move around from your workspace, do some stretches, stand up while working, and use your lunch hour or break time to take a quick walk outside.

Manage Stress

Working from home presents new challenges and causes extra stress. And unchecked stress can lead to unhealthy habits like overeating (especially junk food), skipping meals entirely, and messing with sleep schedules – all of which adversely affect weight management.

We hope this guide on weight management tips while working from home has helped you!  For additional guidance, please contact us today!