Skin Tightening

Skin Tightening Treatments: Dermaroller vs SkinPen

With so many choices on the market for anti-aging and skin tightening treatments, how do you decide which is best? This question is especially important when it comes to microneedling. Let’s compare the at-home dermaroller trend versus the medical based SkinPen® device and their differences. Derma rollers are all the rage right now since they are relatively cheap and easy to obtain. However, since they aren’t regulated and anyone can use them, there are risks associated. Rollers can actually cause more damage than good! The needles can dig into the skin, with the rolling motion possibly tearing the skin which can lead to scarring and discoloration. They usually consist of about 100 needles. If any of the needles are bent or angled during insertion, scarring is even more likely. With so many needles on the roller it’s difficult to see if there are any damaged ones. Also, derma rollers are not sterile devices. They are difficult to sanitize which could make infection and complications more likely.Furthermore, derma rollers provide inconsistent skin care treatments and depend on pressure applied as to how deep and accurate the punctures are delivered. Due to the size of the rollers, it is also difficult to treat small areas such as the upper lip and close to the eyes. Because many people are treating themselves at home, they are over treating. Some complete microneedling with the dermaroller daily or weekly. This can also cause complications such as chronic inflammation, which is counter-productive. Overall derma rollers are less effective, have more risks involved and are inconsistent with better skin care treatments such as SkinPen®microneedling.

A Safe Treatment with Minimal Side-Effects

SkinPen® microneedling will deliver a better and safer treatment all the way around. This device uses sterile, single treatment using surgical grade microneedles. The needles are oscillated on the tip of the device at a very high speed to facilitate more micro-injuries. This device can deliver hundreds of micro injuries per second directly to the dermis. This is done safely with straight, narrow vertical punctures to avoid damage to the skin. Therefore, the risk of scarring is virtually non-existent. This device allows for variable needle depths to customize to the skin thickness. This provides a more consistent, predictable and accurate treatment.

Another advantage is that, since SkinPen® is an FDA-approved medical device, it is performed in a doctor’s office so it is safer and regulated. Scientific studies prove its efficacy. Research has proven that when microneedling is completed 3 to 6 times spaced 4 weeks apart, the skin will produce the most collagen and elastin without the chronic inflammation that can lead to the breakdown of collagen as well as other issues. The skin needs time to fully heal between treatment and complete its natural regeneration process.

SkinPen® is used to treat small areas such as upper lip and around the eyes. Overall SkinPen® microneedling is a safer, more comfortable, and has become a leading skin care treatment.

This piece was crafted by Jenn, a skin care specialist. Jenn is known for her communication skills, her professionalism, and her ability to offer customized treatments designed specifically for the patient and their skin-type.