Women's Vaginal Rejuvenation

Labiaplasty vs. Non-Surgical Procedures in Austin

Labiaplasty is an outpatient, vaginoplasty procedure that’s designed to streamline and sculpt the labia or vaginal lips. But did you know that many of the benefits of labiaplasty can be achieved via non-surgical procedures? If you’ve recently given birth to a child or lost a significant amount of weight, you may be less than confident about how your vagina looks and feels. You may struggle with social embarrassment and physical discomfort as well. The good news is that Austin residents can refresh their feminine wellness with a short, simple, non-surgical treatment.

Why Women Choose to Undergo Vaginal Rejuvenation

Austin locals who struggle with vaginal issues may have a hard time being intimate with their partners without experiencing pain. It may also be difficult for these women to comfortably wear leggings, skinny jeans, or other popular and tight-fitting clothes. In these instances, non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation can definitely help.

Adding the Procedure to Your Mommy Makeover

Vaginal rejuvenation is often chosen by women in Austin who simply want to regain their pre-pregnancy looks. Natural childbirth and the physical stress of pregnancy can both take a noticeable toll on the vagina. This is why non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation is frequently performed in conjunction with other cosmetic treatments.

Increased Sexual Pleasure

During a labiaplasty procedure in Austin, loose and hanging tissues are surgically removed so that the labia minora are discreetly hidden by the outer vaginal lips. However, during non-surgical procedures, the labia minora can be tightened and the labia majora can be enhanced. This allows women to confidently enjoy their sexual experiences once more.

What to Expect

It all starts with a consultation with our team, with offices in Cedar Park and Georgetown. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn more about the benefits of non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation over labiaplasty.