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Three Reasons Why Our Weight Management Program is So Effective with Our North Austin Patients

The team at Ideal Weight & Skin understands the challenges dieters go through in choosing and sticking to a weight management program.  We have found Ideal Protein is a proven system that has had immense long-term success for our patients.  Here are 3 reasons why Ideal Protein is an effective Weight Management program for our Austin patients.

1. A Complete Year-Long Program

One of the reasons people find it difficult to stick to a program is it is often too short in duration and not sustainable in the long term.  With Ideal Protein, the final phase is a year-long maintenance stage. This view for the future helps you remain committed to your weight loss objectives while allowing you to measure and record your success throughout the 12 months.

2. Weekly Follow-Up Appointments

Our trusted diet experts conduct weekly follow-up appointments with you to ensure you remain on track. This support system gives you accountability and keeps you moving forward within your personalized weight loss program. These weekly follow ups also allow you to immediately address any concerns you may have with a trained specialist. During the program you’ll  have someone to speak with to learn more about the changes taking place in your body and how these changes are helping you achieve a healthy lifestyle.

3. No Calorie or Macronutrient Counting

With Ideal Protein there is no requirement for calorie counting or reading labels to achieve your macronutrient quotas. It is designed to reduce your calorie intake but you are still maintaining the optimal macronutrient proportion levels. With the Ideal Protein Weight Management program, our goal is for you to develop a sustainable lifestyle that doesn’t leave you feeling hungry or energy deprived.

Our trusted team is here to help design the perfect individualized program for your weight loss objectives. We have an experienced staff who can respond to all the weight loss issues you might face and we’re ready to coach you throughout the process. To get started, please call us now and book an appointment.