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BTL Vanquish ME Non-Invasive Body Contouring Treatment

There are a number of weight-loss treatment protocols we use with our clients and one of the more popular Non-invasive body contouring treatments is Vanquish ME.  With any treatment, it is important to understand the process and its impact on your body.  This article discusses in further detail Vanquish ME and its benefits for you.

How Does Non-Invasive Body Contouring with BTL Vanquish ME Work?

BTL Vanquish ME is a contactless, selective Radiofrequency treatment with the largest spot size in the industry, able to treat the abdomen and flanks in a single treatment session. The applicator emits an electromagnetic field that heats unwanted fat cells to a warm but safe temperature (45-45 degrees Celsius), and induces apoptosis – programmed cell death, which yields a permanent fat reduction in that area. The perished cells are then eliminated through the lymphatic system. It feels like a warm heating blanket or sunbathing under the Texas sun.

Zero Downtime After Treatment

One of the main reasons why so many avoid taking on body contouring treatments is that they worry they’ll face some downtime away from work. With Vanquish ME available here at Ideal Weight & Skin, it is designed so that there’s no downtime needed. You can immediately go back to your normal day-to-day activities!

45-Minute Treatment Duration

Depending on the extent of the changes required, you will undergo 4-to-6 body contouring treatments. Each of these treatments is only 45 minutes-long. This means they can be designed to easily fit around your schedule and your working life. Many patients come on their lunch break.

Proven Results

Vanquish ME is approved by the FDA for circumferential fat reduction. There is also the Flex Applicator indicated and approved for circumferential reduction of the thighs. Most patients can expect to see a 1†to 2†reduction in the treatment area, though when combined with the other BTL products, more robust results can be achieved. Final results can start to be seen at 4 weeks after their last treatment, improving over the next few months.

Our trusted professionals are here to guide you in selecting your ideal non-invasive body contouring treatment. To begin the process today and ensure you’re on a path to weight loss for the long-term, call us now to book an appointment.