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Non-Irritating Facial Exfoliation with the HydraFacial MD

A woman with bright pink lips and green eyes.

When it comes to superb skin rejuvenation, the HydraFacial MD has taken everyone by storm. It’s a non-invasive way to experience skin resurfacing without any downtime or side effects. The super facial is ideal for all skin types and addresses fine lines and wrinkles, acne, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, an oily complexion, clogged pores and other common skin care issues. Best of all, the multi-step procedure can be completed in just minutes, and you can see the radiant results immediately. This facial exfoliation and cleansing treatment is considered more effective than various other treatments, and many celebrities have these powerful facials done before events, weddings, etc.

Gentle and Effective

Fans of the HydraFacial MD call the procedure a relaxing and feel-good kind of facial. The treatment is gentle, but it is also potent in how it offers supreme facial exfoliation and younger-looking skin. Our aesthetic specialist uses the handheld wand with its effective spiral suction tip to remove impurities and send anti-aging serums deep into the pores.

During step one, your skin will be cleansed and exfoliated to zap dead, dried skin cells and to prep your complexion. Step two features a mild chemical peel treatment to loosen up the debris and bacteria in the pores. Step three involves the incredible HydraFacial MD machine’s suction action to draw up the impurities. During the final step, our technician will add powerful serums to the wand to deliver their effective skin re-building power for your complexion.

Detoxifying and Transformative

The HydraFacial MD does a thorough job of removing all the bad stuff that can creep into your pores. It is non-irritating, and it leaves the client with skin that glows, has an even skin tone, feels soft and looks smooth.

Stars like Kate Winslet, Brittany Snow and Lacey Chabert all admit that the HydraFacial MD does amazing things for their celebrity complexions that are often up close and personal to the cameras. For optimal results, skin care experts recommend having regular treatments done.

We’d all be lying if we said that a vibrant and youthful complexion didn’t matter. However, healthy and smooth skin is important, and even if you have noticeable sun damage and the general signs of aging, a HydraFacial MD can significantly transform your complexion by providing facial exfoliation and countless other benefits.

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