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Facial Skin Care with Elta MD – What are the Benefits?

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Elta MD is your one stop shop for all things facial skin care. Skincare, sun screen, and more is available. Taking care of your skin isn’t only cosmetically appealing; it can help prevent skin cancer and premature aging. Continue reading to learn all about Elta MD’s facial skin care products and sun protection.

About Elta MD

Elta MD has been a leading provider of sunscreens and facial skin care for years. They even make products used in burn centers and hospitals. Elta MD allows you to purchase a variety of products at your own choosing; however, they also offer a package with everything you need. They offer everything a post-laser procedure patient will need to speed up recovery, lowering the chances of any complications.

Who is the Post-Procedure Relief Package for?

This package can be used by anyone; there are several great facial skin care products included within. However, it is intended to be used by those who have recently had a laser procedure, microdermabrasion, or any other form of facial rejuvenation therapy.

You don’t have to be recovering to make use of the package though. Elta MD’s dermal wound cleanser would make a great addition to any first-aid kit. You will also be getting high quality moisturizers that reach deep into the skin. The package also comes with what Elta MD is best known for: sunscreen.

Facial Sunscreen

Elta MD offers a wide variety of sunscreens among their facial skin care products. Their sunscreens are effective while remaining gentle on the skin. All their sun products are broad-spectrum and provide the best possible UV protection. They are made with zinc oxide, which offers additional protection from the sun. Elta MD has absolutely everyone covered with their broad range of sunscreens.


Elta MD may be famous for their sunscreen; however, they have great moisturizers in their facial skin care as well. Their PM Therapy Facial Moisturizer is designed to be applied at nighttime. It contains many beneficial ingredients for the skin. They also offer products designed for the hands and body.

The Benefits

Elta MD makes facial skin care products designed to benefit the skin in the best way possible. Their products will help prevent sunburn, lower the chance of skin cancer, and generally refresh the skin. There is no better way to take care of the skin than to use quality products.

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To learn more about Elta MD and their long list of products, we welcome you to reach out and make an appointment. At our convenient locations in Cedar Park and Georgetown, we can answer any questions you have and get you on your way to having your own Elta MD facial skin care products. Contact us today to set up your consultation – we look forward to speaking with you!