Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone Balance with BioTE for Men

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Hormones are very important chemicals that deliver messages to the different systems of the body. Certain things can throw off the balance of these hormones. When this happens, many unpleasant symptoms can result. Although some people consider this a problem unique to women due to menopause, men can suffer from hormone imbalance as well. That is where BioTE® pellet treatments can be so useful. Using bio-identical hormones that are very similar in chemical makeup to the ones the body produces, BioTE® can help restore balance without the need for coffee, pharmaceuticals, or the “little blue pill.â€

What Are BHRT Pellets from BioTE®?

BHRT is the abbreviation for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. They are called “bio-identical†because they are much more similar to natural hormones than the synthetic ones used in other therapies. This may mean fewer side effects for you. They are derived from plants instead of animals. BioTE® combines compounded hormones with natural binders in order to make their pellets for hormone therapy. They use hormones that were compounded in the United States and follow strict safety regulations. Each batch is tested to make sure it is pure.

How Does BioTE® for Men Hormone Therapy Work?

Step one in having this type of treatment done is coming in for a hormone test. Testing can involve saliva swabs, blood tests, and urine tests. When the results are back, you will come in again to discuss the results and have your customized pellet inserted. Using your test results, a pellet with the precise amount of hormones you are missing is created. The pellet is placed under the skin on the upper hip. As soon as the pellet is inserted, it will begin to do its work. As the pellet gradually releases the hormones you need into your system, you should begin to feel relief from the symptoms that come from a hormone imbalance.

What Are the Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance in Men?

If you think you may be suffering from a hormone imbalance but are not completely sure, check out this list of the possible symptoms:

  • Weight gain
  • Lower sex drive
  • Confusion
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Osteoporosis

Do the above symptoms sound like you? If so, you may be a good candidate for hormone replacement therapy via BioTE®. A conversation with our professionals as well as a few tests will help determine your candidacy. We would be happy to discuss the benefits and how the BioTE® BHRT pellet therapy can help you feel healthier and more energized. We are conveniently located in Cedar Park and Georgetown, TX. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!