BOTOX vs. XEOMIN: Which One Is Right for You?

A woman with her hands on her face.

Face injections used to be simple: you’d see your cosmetic doctor and they’d give you a dose of BOTOX®. However, due to modern advances, more and more choices for facial injections keep popping up. XEOMIN® and Dysport® are two other options, but how do they compare against BOTOX®? Dysport® doesn’t offer many advantages when compared against BOTOX; however, XEOMIN® is only comprised of a single ingredient, leading people to believe that it may the healthier choice. Below you will find a side-by-side comparison of the two treatments.

What Are BOTOX® and XEOMIN®?

Both injections are made from similar compounds. BOTOX® contains additive while XEOMIN® only contains the main ingredient. BOTOX® tends to take effect faster. XEOMIN® is actually the slowest acting of any facial injection, meaning it will take longer to see results. BOTOX® will begin to take effect in about 72 hours; it takes XEOMIN® over 4 days before results can be seen.

However, XEOMIN® does have one main advantage over BOTOX®. Due to it not having any other additives, a patient will be less likely to receive the treatment negatively. The body won’t be creating antibodies to fight any of the ingredients found in XEOMIN®.

Which One Is Right for You?

A study in which individuals were given each drug at the same time on each side of the face, BOTOX® was the clear winner. Test subjects were found to have a longer reduction of crow’s feet, frown lines, and other wrinkles for the entire study. Test subjects were checked at 2 days, 3 weeks, 3 months, and 4 months, and most subjects showed that it was the superior product.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is also right for you. XEOMIN® may be the choice you ultimately go with due to its lower risk.

Seek Consultation

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