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Vampire Facelift: Why You Should Consider Getting One

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The Vampire Facelift® isn’t really a facelift because no surgery is performed. However, the results may have your friends thinking that you indeed went under the knife. This specialized facial treatment can correct sagging on the cheeks and along the jawline, can improve the appearance of marionette lines and crow’s feet, and can correct nasolabial folds. The secret is combining platelet-rich plasma therapy with dermal fillers.The result is a lifted appearance, much like what is experienced after a traditional facelift is performed. Unlike a facelift, however, this treatment can be completed in the comfort of our office, and there’s virtually no downtime for the client.

Using Blood to Improve Skin Health

The platelets in our blood form clots when exposed to air, and that’s what stops bleeding. Afterwards, the growth factors in platelets help out as signaling mechanisms for the growth and distribution of replacement tissue. This is how blood can be used to improve the appearance of the facial skin.

When a small amount of blood is drawn from the client and spun in a special type of centrifuge, the result is a huge concentration of platelets in a small amount of plasma. The resulting platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can be injected directly into the skin layers to jumpstart a skin rejuvenation process.

Combining PRP with Dermal Fillers

The filler gels can be injected into areas where additional volume is needed. This could be in the form of acid-based filler gels or other types of gels. After it’s injected, the skin rejuvenates via the processes kickstarted by the PRP build up to increase volume.

Should I Consider a Vampire Facelift®?

If you’re a mature adult looking for a non-surgical means to smooth out the wrinkles, erase folding, and lift the skin along the jawline, you may be a perfect candidate for the Vampire Facelift®. The procedure is rather simple and convenient.

Because the skin goes into a self-rejuvenating mode after treatment, the skin becomes smoother because of the increase in collagen production and also because the new dermal growth is healthier. This means a firmer base on which the skin sits. Dynamic wrinkles become less visible, and those annoying crow’s feet that occur near the corners of the mouth and near the eyes are also diminished.

A Vampire Facelift® is a safe procedure because any dermal fillers used cannot cause allergic reactions. Since the blood belongs to the client, there’s no risk of contamination or rejection. During your consultation in Georgetown or Cedar Park, we can offer realistic outcome expectations. Contact us today to book an appointment and learn more!