Body Treatments

Slimming Down with a Vanquish Procedure

Vanquish is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that destroys fat cells with nothing more than pulses of radiofrequency (RF) energy. This amazing technology allows us to gently sculpt and shape your body without making any incisions or using harsh chemicals. We can treat a wide variety of areas with the Vanquish device. Within just weeks of your treatment, your physique will change before your eyes as your lymphatic system flushes away damaged fat cells.

RF Technology and Weight Loss

Dozens of clinical studies have shown us that fat cells fall apart when they are brought up to a certain temperature for a short period of time. Instead of heating your skin and all of the underlying soft tissue with a hot pad, we can use waves of RF energy that penetrate deep into the subcutaneous fat. The Vanquish machine excites the fat cells so that their walls deteriorate after a short period of time. As a response, your lymphatic system will flush the damaged cells out of your body just as if they were being naturally metabolized.

Ideal Vanquish Candidates

This treatment system is extremely effective, but patients need to be ready to make some sweeping changes to some of their habits. Vanquish damages your fat cells so that your body can expel them, and that means the results will be permanent as long as you make healthy lifestyle choices.

Getting Started

Are you ready to get rid of stubborn fat? Make an appointment at Ideal Weight and Skin to learn more about the amazing benefits of Vanquish. Our team would love to help you achieve your goals for your body!

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