The Benefits of Micro Needling with the SkinPen

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Micro needling is a treatment that stimulates collagen production and helps to diminish the visible signs of aging, primarily wrinkles, smile lines and dark spots. Both roller devices and pen-shaped instruments are used. We use the advanced SkinPen® II to create microchannels in the skin that promote skin healing and increased collagen production. This unique treatment results in an acceleration of new tissue growth.Micro needling with SkinPen® should only ever be performed by a trained medical professional. The benefits of micro needling using the new and improved SkinPen® are many and include a smoother skin surface, less dynamic wrinkling and the fading of age spots, freckles and injury scars.

What Is the SkinPen®?

The SkinPen® was developed to make skin needling on a targeted area of the skin surface easier to perform. This device has replaceable tips containing a dozen or more ultrafine needles. The needle caps come in various sizes, but most contain a studded tip that can create microchannels about four millimeters in depth.

The tip can also be adjusted for 90-degree angle use. This makes it easy for the dermatologist to work on the facial skin surface regardless of the contours of the face. Because of the small size of the tip, the instrument can reach places that a roller device cannot, namely the corners of the mouth, near the eyes and along the border of the nose.

What Is Micro Needling?

Skin needling is a technique used to stimulate healthy tissue production. Needles create tiny channels that reach the lower dermal layers. These tiny openings fill with liquid scar tissue as well as nutrients carried through the bloodstream. The body responds to these controlled injuries by accelerating new tissue growth.

The tissues that lie between the channels can actually help by serving as a blueprint. Not only does collagen production increase in the treated area, but new capillaries are also formed.

Consultation and Treatment

We examine the facial features closely and target specific areas to be treated with the SkinPen®. In most cases, we will schedule two or three treatment sessions and allowing for a moderate healing period in between. The puncture wounds will result in a bit of reddening and bruising, but this soon goes away.

A typical treatment session usually takes just an hour or less to complete. There’s no downtime for the client, and normal activities can be resumed immediately.

Following treatment, it’s a good idea to stay out of the sun for a few days, and regular cleansing of the facial skin needs to be performed at home. Over a period of two or three months following the original treatment session, you should see a visible improvement in skin texture, and most dark spots are less noticeable.

Learn More About the SkinPen®

This is an easy way to target skin problems on the face without the need for surgery or abrasive skin resurfacing. It’s a minimally invasive procedure and allows the body’s own rejuvenation abilities to create healthy new tissue. Our trusted experts can help you learn more about how micro needling with the SkinPen® in Cedar Park and Georgetown can help you. Contact us today to get started on the path to a younger-looking you.