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How to Stick to Your Ideal Protein Diet While on Vacation

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4 Tips from our Weight Loss Clinic on Maintaining Your IP Diet While on Vacation

While on the Ideal Protein Diet (IP Diet) and away from our weight loss clinic, you know just how important it is to manage your eating and keep shedding those pounds week-by-week. A vacation cannot be an excuse to slack off on your diet!

Sure, it’s a challenge to stick to your IP diet while on vacation – particularly if you’re still in Phase 1 – but just imagine how good it will feel to get home, check the scales, and realize you still lost weight! Vacations are full of temptations that encourage you to cheat on your diet, but successfully ‘powering through’ will make you feel that much better when you make it home.

Here are some tips to help keep up your willpower.

1. Pack right!

The more IP-friendly products from our weight loss clinic that you bring with you, the better. In particular, make sure you have plenty of sea salt and Walden Farms salad dressings so that you’re never tempted to substitute harmful alternatives. Likewise, pack plenty of Splenda and/or Stevia for IP-safe sweetening.

2. Remember these magic phrases:

“I’m on a carb-restricted medical program†and “I’m taking prescription medications that prohibit drinking.†Depending on where you go, there may be a lot of pressure to eat and/or drink restricted products. While these might be little white lies, they’ll go a long way towards getting people to back off – particularly when it comes to alcohol.

3. If flying, ask for specialty meals.

Nearly all airlines offer sugar-free and/or gluten-free meals for patients with conditions such as diabetes. However, they never ask for documentation. If possible, inquire beforehand and pick an airline that offers specialty meals that are IP friendly so you can eat while in-flight.

Also, remember that you can usually bring solid food items, like ham slices or chopped-up veggies, on board domestic flights.

4. Remember that you’re burning extra energy.

Even a laid-back vacation will generally involve more physical activity than your daily routine – don’t let this distract you from your goals. If necessary, drink an additional protein shake. Don’t give in to the temptation to have an extra fatty/sugary meal.

We’re Here to Help You Reach Your Weight Goal

Our clinic wants to see everyone succeed on the IP diet. You can always contact us for more tips on healthy eating!