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Vanquish vs. Coolsculpting: Which is Best?

For many people, getting rid of troublesome fat deposits is nearly impossible without intervention. However, surgical solutions are not always the answer and can be very painful and hard to recover from. There are solutions for those wanting to get rid of extra fat without invasive surgery. They can now use either Vanquish ME, which uses targeted heat, or Coolsculpting, which uses suction based freezing.  But which one is best?Here’s a quick breakdown of Vanquish vs Coolsculpting.

How Long Do They Take?

The number of treatments you will need will depend on the location you are interested in. For example, to get rid of stubborn belly fat, Vanquish requires 4 to 6 weekly treatments for up to 68% fat reduction compared to Coolsculpting’s 20% reduction over 2 to 4 months. In fact, Coolsculpting will require two applications to achieve the same results. When it comes to each treatment’s duration, Coolsculpting requires an hour per section, whereas Vanquish only takes about 45 minutes and can treat the whole abdomen at once.

Areas That Can be Treated

Which areas can be treated in a single session is a major difference when it comes to Vanquish vs. Coolsculpting. Since Coolsculpting requires physical contact with a limited area, larger sections, such as the flanks and belly, will require two or more applications per session. However, Vanquish is able to target the fat throughout the abdomen in a single treatment.

Pain Levels to be Expected

Coolsculpting uses suction to pull fatty tissue into a special tool to freeze the fat. Once the suction is released, the area is massaged to help break up the fat. This process can be uncomfortable. However, Vanquish does not require physical contact as targeted heat is used to melt the fat, which often leaves the patient warm but not in pain.


On average, an hour session of Coolsculpting will run around $4,000 or approximately $1,100 per fat ounce reduction and a single treatment of Vanquish is about $3,000 which comes to about $78 per fat ounce lost.

For most people, Vanquish ME provides the best results for the cost, with minimum side effects, and it works well for people with all levels of BMI. To learn more about reducing fat deposits using Vanquish vs Coolsculpting in the Cedar Park, TX, and the surrounding area, please contact Ideal Weight and Skin today!