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A Case Study in Scientific Weight Management in Austin With the Styku 3D Body Scan System

Weight management in Austin has come a long way in recent years. New revolutions in monitoring and measuring weight loss have empowered us to precisely guide our patients towards their goals.One of the best tools for this, which is an integral part of our programs for weight management in Austin, is the Styku 3D body scan. This amazing system allows us to map the exact contours of a patient’s body down to 1/100th of an inch, allowing for incredibly precise weight management planning and week-to-week encouragement as each patient continues their weight loss plan.

Let’s take a look, with a recent success story.

Mapping your weight loss progress with The Styku 3D Body Scanner

The Styku 3D Body Scan gives our patients and weight management team vital feedback as the scanner does a full-body scan in 3D, including body measurements. It can track changes in the body’s shape, while calculating fitness and health metrics. In addition, it also does a precise body composition analysis and assesses the risks of obesity-related diseases.

In this case study, the patient came to us seeking help with her weight, and the before-and-after pictures tell most of the story. Within three months, she was able to lose 26 pounds and a total of 31.9 inches. Her weight loss is particularly noticeable in her torso/stomach, legs, and arms.


Beginning with an initial scan, we created a full report for her on where she was starting from in terms of her body composition, measurements, and health risk assessments. She also got status updates, with multiple visuals allowing her to easily see just how well her weight management was proceeding.


The system can break down weights and sizes for many separate areas of the body, including the torso, arms, legs, and neck. Over the course of multiple scans, the patient’s progress can be exactly tracked without relying on inaccurate older methods such as tape measures. Every pound and every inch of progress is visible, encouraging the patient to continue their weight loss journey.

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