OMG-Shot For Women’s Intimate Rejuvenation

Hi I’m Dr. Laurette Smith. If only there was a simple procedure that could magically help you orgasm faster and more intensely. Oh, wait—there just may be!

In what will come as a surprise to exactly no one, as you get older, your sex drive tends to wane. And women, sadly, are two to three times more likely to be affected than men.

But there is a way to help counteract that: a quick injection we call the (OMG-Shot) promises to have you feeling hot and bothered in the best possible way.

What Is the OMG Shot?

The OMG-Shot is a non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment option for enhancing a woman’s intimate life.

It uses PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, which is obtained from your body via a blood sample.

This plasma is then injected into your genitalia in two places: near the clitoris and into the vaginal wall. According to Dr. Laurette Smith, the benefits – which are meant to last for up to a year – include easier arousal, better orgasms, G-spot orgasms, increased lubrication and reduced pain during sex.

Some health professionals including myself, also recommend to those who struggle with urinary incontinence to combine the OMG-Shot with our Exilis Femme 360 procedure this combo of treatments is very popular and performed by Dr. Laurette Smith in our Youthful Solutions MediSpa in Cedar Park, TX.

Both are done within a hour and you will have very little downtime.

Benefits may include:

  • Better ability to achieve orgasm
  • Enhanced sexual satisfaction
  • Increased lubrication
  • Increased sex drive
  • More arousal from clitloral stimulation
  • Reduced pain during intercourse
  • Stronger, better orgasms
  • Tightened vaginal areas

What Could I Expect from the Procedure?

The OMG-Shot is administered in the comfort of our MedSpa by Dr. Laurette Smith as an outpatient procedure. The treatment process begins with harvesting PRP, which starts with a traditional blood draw.

The sample of blood is spun in a special centrifuge, isolating the golden plasma substance used for treatment.

The treatment process itself is relatively quick and painless. For your additional comfort, a topical anesthetic or numbing cream may be available.

There is no set downtime associated with the treatment, and you should be able to return to your normal daily activities!

Dr. Smith perfoms all Sexual Wellness procedures.

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Surprisingly, the pain was minimal—about as uncomfortable as having an IV started in your arm. Within a few weeks, I could tell a difference. My incontinence went away. I could ride horses and not worry about losing urine. And during sex, I found I could orgasm faster and more intensely. Without my discussing the procedure, my partner noticed a difference too.

Since the effects only last about a year, I’ve since gotten three more Orgasm-Shots. Would I recommend it to other women? Absolutely.

— Susan, 51

What’s Next?

Please schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Smith.

The Experience Matters

 If you are looking to make some changes to your appearance and wellness, come see us before deciding and allow us to discuss with you our options, and honest advice to meet your goals.

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On the list was to improve the sagging I was experiencing on my neck, jawline, and around my mouth. We discussed many options but finally settled on a new treatment that she offered called Profound. Dr. Smith explained that the results of this procedure take a little time to develop since we are rebuilding collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, however, I felt like I could see the results pretty quickly and five months later I am absolutely loving the results I am seeing!

I wanted to take a moment and tell everyone about Dr. Smith and her incredible team! If you’re looking for a doctor who can help you turn back the hands of time, then I recommend you visit Dr. Smith and her team at Youthful Solutions in Cedar Park.

I love this place!  – Leigh Ann

I was told exactly what my procedure would do how it would be done, every step of the way I had a great experience at Youthful Solutions. Dr. Smith and Julia are extremely thorough and did a fabulous job! I love the fact that there’s a doctor on site as well.

I love this place!  – Veronica

If I could give 10 stars I would! I absolutely love coming here.. maybe a little too much!! 😋 Everyone is absolutely fantastic! Julia is so amazing at what she does. She’s very precise and detailed and will explain everything to you from start to finish. Holly and Crystal are both so sweet and friendly. I met Sarah for the first time today and she was very sweet too. Thanks YS for going above and beyond! – Kennedi R

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