Why the Fall and Winter are Good Seasons for Skin Care Treatments!
Once you have decided to proceed with a skin procedure such as a chemical peel, IPL/DPC, and micro needling, scheduling is one of the next major considerations.  The fall and winter are good times to opt for treatments that can help improve your complexion.  Your skin is more protected during the Fall and Winter from the complications that can occur if you receive too much UV exposure while your skin is in the recovery and healing stage.  Many people also find it easier to stay indoors and recuperate during this time of year.
“The Combo” Package A*:
Take $400 off a series of 3 IPL/DPC + 2 Dermaplane or 1 SkinPen Micro Needling with 1 The Perfect Derma Peel treatments
[*Combining IPL with an exfoliation treatment (Micro needling/Perfect Peel or Dermaplane) enhances the results of the IPL/DPC treatment. Ideally, exfoliation/peel treatments are done in between IPL /DPC treatments.]
“Just IPL/DPC” Package B:
Take $200 off series of 3 IPL/DPC treatments for the face
Take $300 off series of 3 IPL/DPC for face + neck
Take $375 off  series of 3 IPL/DPC for face, neck and chest
Take $150 off series of 3 IPL/DPC for arms
“Just The Perfect Derma Peel” Package C
Take $75 off 1 Perfect Peel
Learn more on SkinPen Micro needling:
Learn more on The Perfect Derma Peel:

Would you like to tighten and tone loose or sagging skin on the face or neck?

Any patient who’s completed an Exilis series on the face,
receive 20% off a thread lift!
Any patient who purchases one area (face/neck) of EuroThread lift treatment, receive 20% off a syringe of Juvederm Filler.

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*Packages are non-refundable, non-transferable and must be used within one year of purchase date. Discount pricing is good through November 10th, 2017. Treatments may be booked through end of year. Cannot be combined with other offers. Packages expire one year from purchase date.